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What are these toxic attitudes

What are these toxic attitudes

What are these Toxic attitudes

1. Comparing your partner with your ex :

Nobody feels comfortable being compared to someone else.

Constantly don't compare your partner to someone else who is probably better than them makes your partner feel small, increases their anxiety and stress level, and forces them to shrink into their shell.

It  stirs negative emotions like low self-esteem, low self-worth and suppresses their talents.

Unhealthy comparison steals the joy in your relationship.

2. Taking your partner for granted :

It's the worst things you can do to your partner is to take them for granted. It takes a toll on their emotions and psychological health.

Taking your partner for granted makes them feel worthless, lowers their self-esteem, and makes the relationship unhealthy.

Are you taking your partner for granted?

• Do you appreciate their little kindness?
• Do you acknowledge their getting out of their way just for you?
• Do you tell them or write them a text expressing how much you really love them?

Make your partner feel loved and appreciated. Anything short of that means you're taking them for granted. And nobody wants to stay in that kind of relationship.

3. Flirting with the opposite gender in the presence of your partner

Avoid flirting in the presence of your partner. It belittles them. And nobody likes that feeling. The same goes for the guys. Never flirt with another lady when your girlfriend is with you. They feel belittled and taken for a fool. Who enjoys feeling this way?

These negative emotions can subsequently make your partner feel disappointed and lose their trust in you.

These attitudes may seem little. But they poison the love and inflict irreparable damages in your relationship. So keep these attitudes away from your relationship else they will break your relationship irrespective of the stage you and your partner permit them into your love life.

If you desire a happy and long-lasting relationship with your partner, keep these toxic attitudes away from your love life.