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Signs to Know If you're Falling in Love

Signs to Know If you're Falling in Love

Signs to Know If you're Falling in Love

 Falling in love is the greatest thing in life and one of the most powerful experiences that humans can go through.  As human we all are fascinated by love as it is the most personal thing that we go through as humans and also one of the most universal things that we share with each other.  And while each case is unique unto itself, there are a few things that seem to be common to almost all loving relationships.  

Sometimes  when we are not having experience of talking (or even dealing with) our emotions, we aren’t sure what we are feeling.  Especially if it’s your first time, you may not be sure you’re falling in love. Let us help you figure it out!

1. You Are Making him / her a Priority in Your Planning 

We make time for whom we love. If you’re rearranging, reprioritizing, and reimagining your life, you may be falling in love  Meaning, if a man wants a woman he will alter the course of history or literally move a mountain. If you find yourself making plans, but making sure your plans match with hers, that’s a great sign.  

Just as important as the making of plans is how you feel about them too. Sure, we all love our guy time and getting together to watch the game. But if her family is coming into town, you’re excited to meet them and you tell your friends you’ll try and meet up with them after.

2. You Want All the Important People in Your Life to Meet Her 

It is human/animal nature to like shiny, pretty things and want to show them off to other people. Take for example dogs that  are so proud to show you their stick collection or a gorilla mom showing off her new baby to a human mom.

They are happy, excited and proud to show off the new thing that makes them so happy. It is the same way for us as well.  When we feel like we have won the dating lottery, we want everyone to meet this amazing creature!

A question that readers bring up often online is that they have been dating for a while and still haven’t met the friends or family of their significant other. 

 There may be some valid reasons for it. If it’s you who has not made the introductions, you may not have a close relationship with your family, or maybe you are moving away from a bigoted group of friends. Or maybe you feel that if you try and “make it real,” it will disappear.  
If you have one of these valid reasons, it is something that you need to communicate to her.  Otherwise she will think you are embarrassed about her, or worse that she is a side-chick and you are married

3. You Find Her Quirks Absolutely Endearing

All of us have quirks or habits that we are a little embarrassed about and try to hide or downplay I'm sure you must have found a girl in my area whom couldn’t wait to talk to her about it. What might be just a little habit or quirk, quickly becomes something you adore about them.

4 . Future Plans and Thoughts Start to Include Her/We

Sometimes we can be a little dense and we may not understand what it is we are feeling. And feelings may start to creep up when you don’t even realize it. But if instead of thinking, “What am I going to do this summer,” you start thinking, “What are we going to do this summer,” it’s a good sign! 

So many men think that they have to give up something to get into a relationship, like giving up their freedom to go out with the guys or do weekend trips. What happens is that thoughts of doing something with her actually feel MORE fun and exciting to do, and you happily want to spend more time with her.

In a relationship there are three entities, you, me and us. As you spend more time with each other, some of your worlds overlap. There is my favorite restaurant, her favorite restaurant and our favorite restaurant. My favorite movie, her favorite and our favorite. 

You start to develop inside jokes between the two of you, and you may even pick up new hobbies or interests that you both share, like volunteering or skating, that neither of you would have done solo. When this shared world becomes as exciting and vibrant as your own world, you’re heading in the right direction!